Sunday, 16 May 2010

Is This Your Luggage?

Whilst researching for statistics regarding lost airline luggage, for my studio practice (as well as an odd personal interest), I came across this website. It’s the sort of thing a lot of people say but nobody actually goes to the effort of doing – and I love that she’s bothered to make a website!!

Personally, I collect vintage fabrics, old buttons, gig tickets and the usual crap, but a collection of suitcases??? That’s a collection that I am truly envious of. What you pack in a suitcase gives a snapshot about your life at a specific time and can give a viewer a lot of private information about you; where you are travelling and why, what kind of lifestyle you have and whether you have any disturbing secret habits.

This website has encouraged me to continue collecting... stuff! Because ‘stuff’ can prove to be a good source for generating and developing ideas for work, such as the ‘Thirty things I like/Dislike’ list I completed in September which is endlessly useful. Also, I like that she has made ‘work’ by very simply photographing her collection.

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