Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My Long-Awaited Favourite Photograph


Because the College VLE still hates me, I've decided to post my, no doubt, eagerly-anticipated 'Favourite Photograph' on this shiny, new blog. So.. enjoy:

Having never really considered what my favourite photograph would be, I was a bit stuck with picking one. After looking at my home’s infamous ‘Photo wall’, this image really stuck out to me. It’s a photograph of my two older brothers; Jamie at twelve months (left) and Adam at three years (right). What I really like about this photo, aside from the dribble on Jamie’s chin and how remarkably little my oldest brother has changed, is that I can’t remember my brothers ever being this young. As the youngest child of the three of us, I’ve always seen my brothers as ‘grown up’ in comparison to me and this photograph reminds me that they’re not really as ‘grown up’ as I think; they’re still scarily like they are in this photo.

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